Our Causes

The guiding philosophy of Imose Cares Foundation International is to create opportunities for Nigerian Children, Youth and Women through advocacy, support, and start-up funds to enable them to realize their potentials and create wealth and prosperity for the Nation.

The "Tools for School" Initiative.

These are the necessities children need to obtain a sound state of mind and receptiveness for the learning environment. From shoes to transportation, extra-curricular activities, hot meals, to learning materials, ICFI creates the environment for the school child. We also advocate for the importance of all children attending AND thriving in school. Another aspect of the initiative focuses not only on reducing the school drop-out statistics but also enhance school enrollment of school-aged children. It is comprised of both activism and advocacy in which comprehensive school enrollment and scholarship amongst school children are promoted. Additionally, we advocate against unlawful child labor including children hawking in streets, working on farms, and in households as maids. All children deserve to thrive in an educational environment. 

The “Relief to Relieve” Initiative.

Assists with disaster relief efforts for natural disasters, medical outbreaks, and man-made disasters.

Our on-ground rapid response mechanism provides vulnerable Nigerian families with the required inputs to mitigate the impacts. These include food shortages, medical concerns: suppling medical equipment, blood shortages, blood donation drives. Additionally, responding to outbreaks, pandemics, epidemics, and re-emerging diseases.

The "Apprentice to Oga" Initiative will Launch in 2020.

Imose Cares understands that not all children are going to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers. An estimated 15 million children in Nigeria work with their hands, they learn a skill set at a young age which positions them to grow and earn their own money from their own trade. BUT, we want them to understand the basics of business, so we hope to provide learning centers to young apprentices where they work half a day and school the remaining half. They will be to transform their skills into a business where they can control their operations: no matter how small it is. 

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